What's the best way to contact the CQL?
All applicants are required to call the CQL office at 212-397-0930 prior to submission. We do not communicate via email due to the complexities of the placement process.

Do PA days count?
Set PA work is applicable toward 2nd AD placement

Will my feature film/film television days be acceptable?
Yes. You will need to document that you have worked within the AD department.

What if I am lacking documentation?
In order to remain fair to all, we will not be able to make any assumptions of work without proper production generated paperwork.

How does my 2nd AD commercial placement translate to the Basic List?
Any individual who has been placed as a commercial 2nd AD is eligible for
“interchange” to the New York Basic List in the same category.

In order to be eligible to “interchange” to the Southern California Basic List as a
2nd AD, you will need to UPGRADE to a Commercial 1st AD. This requires
documentation of having worked at least 150 freelance days as a 2nd AD, with no
fewer than 75 days of work on commercial productions, since your original
placement on the Commercial List.

How much does it cost to join the DGA?
We suggest you refer to the DGA website under How do I become a DGA Member

How to I contact the DGA (Directors Guild of America)?
National office (310)289-2000
NY office (212)581-0370
Chicago (312)644-5050

How do I contact the AICP (Association of Independent Commercial Producers)?
New York (212)929-3000
Los Angeles (323)960-4763

How do I contact the DGA Basic List (feature film, film television)?
Los Angeles and Third Area Lists: www.dgaca.org
New York List: www.dgaca-east.org