Southern California List

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Name Rank
Clark, Audrey 2ND AD
Clark, Jason M. 1ST AD
Clark, Nicholas 2ND AD
Clarke, Christian 1ST AD
Clarke, Stephen 1ST AD
Clarkson, John 2ND AD
Cleary, Lee 1ST AD
Cline, Jeffrey 1ST AD
Cluck, David Allen 1ST AD
Cluff, Stephanie 2ND AD
Coad, Richard 1ST AD
Cobean, Charles 1ST AD
Coderko, Paul 2ND AD
Coe, Thomas 1ST AD
Coffie, Dan 1ST AD
Coffing, Andrew 1ST AD
Cohen, Audrey 1ST AD
Cohen Lobel, Leslie 2ND AD
Cohn, Elie 1ST AD
Coker, William 1ST AD
Colby, Ron 1ST AD
Coleman, Imhotep 2ND AD
Collins, J. Patrick 1ST AD
Collins, Karen 1ST AD
Collins, Kenneth 1ST AD
Collins, Kevin 2ND AD
Collura, Deborah 1ST AD
Colon, Andrew 1ST AD
Colwell, John 1ST AD
Colwell, John McKenna 1ST AD
Colwell, Knox 1ST AD
Comstock, Craig 1ST AD
Connell, Alan 1ST AD
Connell, Alan 1ST AD
Conner, Charles 1ST AD
Conners, Kit 2ND AD
Connors, Dennis 1ST AD
Connoy, Patricia 2ND AD
Conolly, Craig 1ST AD
Conrad, Jacob 1ST AD
Constance, Mark 1ST AD
Constantine, Jack 2ND AD
Conway, Francis 1ST AD
Cook, Jennifer 2ND AD
Cook, Christopher 2ND AD
Cooney, Thomas 1ST AD
Cooper, Richard A. 2ND AD
Cooper-Avrick, Anita 2ND AD
Corn, Robert 1ST AD
Corrado, Chris 2ND AD
Corring, Doug 1ST AD
Cortes, Efrain 1ST AD
Corwin, Carla 1ST AD
Corzan, Steven 1ST AD
Cosentino, William 1ST AD
Cosentino, William UPM
Cosgrove, Patrick 1ST AD
Cotone, Mark 1ST AD
Coulter, David UPM
Countryman, Robert 2ND AD
Courtney, Kathleen 1ST AD
Courtney, Kathleen UPM
Covert, Todd 1ST AD
Cox, Bryan 1ST AD
Craft, Dick 1ST AD
Cragin, Kellee UPM
Craig, Ryan 1ST AD
Craig, Eleck 2ND AD
Crandell, Jeffrey 2ND AD
Cranford, Brett UPM
Crasper, Michael 1ST AD
Crawford, Chris D. UPM
Credle, Clark 1ST AD
Cremona, Rosemary 1ST AD
Critchlow, Aaron 2ND AD
Crohn, Gabrielle UPM
Croll, Mark 1ST AD
Crotty, Michael 2ND AD
Crow, Dennis 1ST AD
Crowley, Patrick 1ST AD
Cuinet, Yann 1ST AD
Cummings, Julie 1ST AD
Cummings, Julie UPM
Cummins, Jack 1ST AD
Cunningham, Joan 1ST AD
Cunningham, Patrick 1ST AD
Curran, Bill 1ST AD
Currie, Mike 2ND AD
Currier, James 1ST AD
Curtis, Mike 1ST AD
Cusack, Leslie 1ST AD
Cusano, Martha 2ND AD
Czys, Ken 1ST AD
D'Amato, Stephen 1ST AD
D'Angona, Lynn 1ST AD
Daigler, Gary 1ST AD
Dale, Marjie 1ST AD
Dalton, James 2ND AD
Danahy, Christine 2ND AD
Danao, Rita Lisa 2ND AD

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