Southern California List

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Name Rank
Burrows, Todd 1ST AD
Busby, Christy 1ST AD
Busch, Dieter 1ST AD
Butcher, Marol 2ND AD
Butler, L. Scott 1ST AD
Butler-Sloss, William UPM
Bywater, Ben 2ND AD
Cagan, Howard 1ST AD
Caillaud, Francois 1ST AD
Caldwell, Patton Howell 1ST AD
Caliendo, Jeanne 1ST AD
Calip, Ian 1ST AD
Callas, John 1ST AD
Caltabiano, Matthew UPM
Cameron, John 1ST AD
Cameron, Scott 1ST AD
Camp, Joe III 1ST AD
Campbell, Cole 1ST AD
Campbell, James 1ST AD
Campbell, Lisa 1ST AD
Campbell, Kathleen 2ND AD
Campbell, Ian 2ND AD
Cancilla, Buzzy UPM
Cannavo, Jay 2ND AD
Canniff, Mary Ellen 1ST AD
Cannon, Richard 1ST AD
Cantley, Kelly 1ST AD
Cantley, Kelly 1ST AD
Cantor, Gerard 1ST AD
Caproni, Rachel 1ST AD
Carboni, Inti 1ST AD
Carlisle, Matthew 1ST AD
Carlson, Michael 2ND AD
Carmendy, Steve 1ST AD
Carmona, Jesse 2ND AD
Caron, Michael 2ND AD
Carpenter, Marie 1ST AD
Carpenter, Susan 1ST AD
Carpenter, Thomas 2ND AD
Carr, Gregory 2ND AD
Carr, Tiffany 2ND AD
Carrara, Amanda 2ND AD
Carroll, Kate 2ND AD
Carstensten, Kira UPM
Carter, Bruce 1ST AD
Carter, Darius 1ST AD
Carter, Mark 1ST AD
Carter, Randy 1ST AD
Carter, Rich 1ST AD
Case, Paula UPM
Case, Paula 1ST AD
Casey, Melinda 2ND AD
Cash, Jack UPM
Cass, David 1ST AD
Castaldi, Chris 2ND AD
Castaldi, Chris 1ST AD
Castor, John 1ST AD
Castroman, Fernando 1ST AD
Cate, Cory 2ND AD
Cathcart, Benjamin 2ND AD
Cazanjian, Violet 2ND AD
Cebada Mora, Adriana UPM
Cedar, Michael 1ST AD
Cederquist, Pamela 1ST AD
Celaya, Raul 2ND AD
Cendrowski, Mark Michael 2ND AD
Chamberlin, Robin 1ST AD
Chambers, Jonathan 1ST AD
Chapman, Lori UPM
Chapman, David E 1ST AD
Chapple, Knoko 1ST AD
Charbonnet, Justin 1ST AD
Chastain, Margaret 1ST AD
Chatley, Cue 1ST AD
Cheng, Tiffany 1ST AD
Cherkaoui, Ali 1ST AD
Chestnut, James 1ST AD
Cheves, Garret 1ST AD
Cheyko, Michel 1ST AD
Chilcott, Lesley UPM
Childress, Fred 1ST AD
Chin, Rebecca 2ND AD
Cho, Albert 1ST AD
Cho, Alicia 2ND AD
Choi, Peter 1ST AD
Chong, Ronnie 1ST AD
Chong, Ronnie 1ST AD
Chory, Jim 1ST AD
Chouchanian, Joseph 1ST AD
Christenson, Stacy 2ND AD
Christoph, Sonja 2ND AD
Chu, Lisa 2ND AD
Chung, Deborah 2ND AD
Churchill, John 1ST AD
Churchill, Jerri 1ST AD
Cirker, Seth 1ST AD
Cirker, Seth 1ST AD
Clark, Brent 1ST AD
Clark, Matthew 1ST AD
Clark, William Paul 1ST AD

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