New York List

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Name Rank
Keating, Anthony 2ND AD
Keiser, Shelly 1ST AD
Kelly, John 1ST AD
Kelly, Maureen 2ND AD
Kelly, Michael 2ND AD
Kelly, Maura 2ND AD
Kelly, Conor 2ND AD
Kelly, Marc 1ST AD
Kempf, Robin 2ND AD
Kenitzer, Adam 2ND AD
Kennedy, Kim 2ND AD
Kennedy, Bobby 2ND AD
Kenney, Ryan 1ST AD
Kenny, Douglas J. 2ND AD
Kent, Barbara 2ND AD
Kent, Debra UPM
Kent, Patti 1ST AD
Kenyon, Brian 1ST AD
Keshen, Amy 1ST AD
Kesten, Stephen UPM
Kilburg, Katherine 1ST AD
King, Kathleen 2ND AD
King, Michael 2ND AD
King, Danielle 2ND AD
King, Meredith 2ND AD
Kleban, Johnna 1ST AD
Kleinman, Ronni 1ST AD
Kloos, Jessie Sasser 2ND AD
Klutch, Ryan 2ND AD
Knauf, Mary 2ND AD
Kney, Jack 2ND AD
Knight, Adeline 2ND AD
Knight, Keith 2ND AD
Knoop, John 1ST AD
Kolos, Edee 2ND AD
Kone, Russsel 1ST AD
Kono, Tony 2ND AD
Koob, Peter 2ND AD
Koob, Peter 2ND AD
Kook, Ray 1ST AD
Koski, Richard 2ND AD
Kostroff, Nina 2ND AD
Kotsolpoulos, George 2ND AD
Kovacs, Mark 1ST AD
Kramarchuk, Alex 12
Kramer, Paul 2ND AD
Kramer, Katie 2ND AD
Krasner, Jeffrey 1ST AD
Kratochvil, Frank UPM
Kreiling, Robert 2ND AD
Kriaris, Michael 2ND AD
Krumper, Mark 1ST AD
Kundu, Amrita 2ND AD
Kunzman, Alison 1ST AD
Kurdyla, Ted 2ND AD
Kurta, Paul UPM
Kuykendall, Iran 2ND AD
Kuzenka, Michael 2ND AD
Kuznetzkoff, Dana UPM
Labb, Evan 1ST AD
Lacy, Witt 2ND AD
LaDue, Timothy 2ND AD
Lafferty, Steven 2ND AD
Lagowski, Krystian 2ND AD
Lake, Matthew 2ND AD
LaMarca, Anthony UPM
Lamb, Matthew 2ND AD
Lambert, George 2ND AD
Lambie, Brett 2ND AD
Lamkin, Daniel 2ND AD
Landau, John 2ND AD
Lang, Harold UPM
Lang, Stan UPM
Lang, Victoria 2ND AD
Lanier, James 2ND AD
Lappham, Harry 2ND AD
Laptok, Diana UPM
Lasko, Eric 2ND AD
Lasser, Liza 2ND AD
Latt, Brian UPM
Laucella, Ralph UPM
Laurens, Paul 1ST AD
Lauritsen, Amy 1ST AD
Lavee, Anita 1ST AD
Layton, Charles 1ST AD
Lazar, Jeffrey 1ST AD
Lazar, Scott 1ST AD
Ledesma, Alvino (AJ) 2ND AD
Lee, Deborah 2ND AD
Lee, Donald J. 1ST AD
Lee, Janice 2ND AD
Lee, Roger 2ND AD
Lee, James 2ND AD
Lee, Thomas 1ST AD
Lee, Timothy 2ND AD
Lee, Abby 2ND AD
Lee, Adam 2ND AD
Lee, Cary 2ND AD
Leeds, Jerry 1ST AD
Legendre, Anne Yvette 2ND AD

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