New York List

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Name Rank
Friedman, Betsy 2ND AD
Friedman, Joshua 2ND AD
Frink, Cleave 2ND AD
Fritz, Thomas 1ST AD
Fucci, Michael 2ND AD
Fuchsman, Hal 2ND AD
Fuller, Sara 2ND AD
Fung, Otis 1ST AD
Fusaro, Lou 1ST AD
Gains, Herb UPM
Gaito, Thomas 1ST AD
Gallagher, John 2ND AD
Gallagher, Mary UPM
Gallen, Ira 1ST AD
Gambetta, Pablo 2ND AD
Gammon, Bennett 2ND AD
Ganapoler, Paul UPM
Garcia, Melissa 2ND AD
Garland, Marc 2ND AD
Garrett, Sarah Rae 2ND AD
Garrett, LaCourtney 2ND AD
Garrison, Jacob 2ND AD
Garvey, William 2ND AD
Garvin, Dean 1ST AD
Gatti, Alina 2ND AD
Geallis, James UPM
Gelfand, Richard UPM
Gendzier, Nathan 2ND AD
Gentilucci, Ryan 2ND AD
Georgaras, Louis 1ST AD
George, Loucas UPM
George, Christopher 2ND AD
Gerould, Jen 2ND AD
Gerrity, William UPM
Getz, Daren 2ND AD
Gewirtz, Gerald 1ST AD
Gewitz, Norman UPM
Giangreco, Pamela 2ND AD
Giarratano, Vincent 2ND AD
Giarratano, Eric 2ND AD
Gibbons, Patrick 2ND AD
Gibbons, Theodore 2ND AD
Gibson, Chris 2ND AD
Gillen, Martin 1ST AD
Gillette, William UPM
Gilman, Gerard UPM
Gilman, Greg 2ND AD
Ginnes, John 1ST AD
Ginsberg, Karen 2ND AD
Girolami, Lou UPM
Girolami, Robert 1ST AD
Gitter, Jeff 1ST AD
Gittleson, Tony 1ST AD
Gladney, Kelli 2ND AD
Glanzman, Paul 2ND AD
Glanzrock, Stephen 1ST AD
Glassman, Paulette UPM
Glattes, Wolfgang 1ST AD
Glick, Tom 2ND AD
Gloeckner, Dan 2ND AD
Gold, Barbara 1ST AD
Gold, Sara Graff 2ND AD
Golden, Joanne 1ST AD
Golden, Ken UPM
Goldstein, Carl 1ST AD
Gomez, Magin 2ND AD
Goncin, Sarah 2ND AD
Gonzalez, Ginger 2ND AD
Gonzalez, Marcos 2ND AD
Goodhart, Joanne 2ND AD
Goodwin, Donald B. 1ST AD
Gorczyk, Sarah 2ND AD
Gordon, John 1ST AD
Gordon, Matthew 2ND AD
Gordon, Damon 2ND AD
Gorjanc, Jude 1ST AD
Gorowitz, Morton UPM
Gould, Lewis 1ST AD
Goyette, Chad 2ND AD
Grace, Diane K. 2ND AD
Gradus, Niles UPM
Graf, Sara 2ND AD
Graffunder, Hans 2ND AD
Graham, Alfonso 2ND AD
Graham, Jason 1ST AD
Graham, Jason UPM
Gramaglia, John UPM
Granger, Gwendolyn 2ND AD
Graves, Chad 1ST AD
Gray, Richard 2ND AD
Gray, Neal 2ND AD
Grayson, Matthew 2ND AD
Greco, Michael 2ND AD
Greenberg, Glen Todd 2ND AD
Greenberg, Marc 2ND AD
Greenberg, Sandi 2ND AD
Greene, Melina 2ND AD
Greenfield, Barry 1ST AD
Greenfield, Bruce 1ST AD
Greenfield, Ray 1ST AD

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