New York List

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Name Rank
Dean, Alicia 2ND AD
DeAngelis, Chris 2ND AD
Dearborn, Michael 2ND AD
Debrino, Robert 2ND AD
DeCamp, Jonathan 2ND AD
DeCasper, Michael 2ND AD
Decker, Alexandra C. 2ND AD
DeClerque, David S. 2ND AD
DeGiulio, Gianna 2ND AD
Deigl, Jennifer 2ND AD
Deitchman, Daniel 1ST AD
Deitchman, Jesse 2ND AD
Del Guidice, Sal 1ST AD
Del Hierro, Ramses 2ND AD
Delerme-Lugo, Teena Marie 2ND AD
Delgado, Michael 1ST AD
DellaPietra, Stephen 2ND AD
DeLoach, Joel UPM
DeMaio Jr., Richard R. 2ND AD
Denk, Margaret 1ST AD
Dentici-Gammon, Ann-Marie 2ND AD
Dessisso, Edward 1ST AD
DeTraglia, Bess 2ND AD
Dever, Peter 1ST AD
Devlin, John 1ST AD
Diamantopoulos, Demetra 1ST AD
Diamond, Louise 2ND AD
Diamond, Monty UPM
Dickerson, Ged 2ND AD
Dickerson, Robert Jr. 2ND AD
Dickstein, Stephen 1ST AD
Diez, Brittney 2ND AD
Dillard, Andrew 2ND AD
Disco, Joe 2ND AD
Dister, Michael 1ST AD
Ditrinco, Joseph 2ND AD
Doane, Matthew 1ST AD
Doherty, Kristen 2ND AD
Doherty, Geoge 2ND AD
Doherty, Kara 2ND AD
Donaldson, Kenneth R. 2ND AD
Donatelli, Fred 2ND AD
Donati, William 1ST AD
Donohue, Timothy 1ST AD
Donohue, Peter 2ND AD
Donohue, Brendan 2ND AD
Donohue, Bryant 2ND AD
Dore, Jacqueline 2ND AD
Dorfman, Pat 1ST AD
Doskey, Janice 2ND AD
Douaihy, Antoine 2ND AD
Douglas, Joel UPM
Dow, Topher 1ST AD
Dowd, Ned 1ST AD
Dowd, Peter 1ST AD
Downey, Mike 1ST AD
Doyle, Dennis 1ST AD
Doyle, Liam 2ND AD
Dreyer, Chris 2ND AD
Dreyfuss, David 1ST AD
Dubin, Billie Jean 2ND AD
Dubin, Lawrence UPM
Dubin, Morton 1ST AD
Duncan, Scott 2ND AD
Dunsky, Evan 2ND AD
Duskin, Scott 2ND AD
DuVarney, Nicholas 2ND AD
Duvillier, Kirby 1ST AD
Dvorak, Britt 2ND AD
Dybowski, Justin 2ND AD
Eagan, Sherman 1ST AD
Early, Nancy 1ST AD
Eastman, Robert H. 1ST AD
Ebel, David 2ND AD
Edler, Logan Wolfe 2ND AD
Edwards, Zack 2ND AD
Eelman, Alexis 2ND AD
Efrat, Guy 2ND AD
Egan, John III 2ND AD
Egbert, Ann 1ST AD
Ehrich, Evalyn 2ND AD
Ehrmann, Randall 1ST AD
Eichengreen, Laurie 1ST AD
Eilenberg, Carol 1ST AD
Eiseman, Kate 1ST AD
Eklins, Robert 1ST AD
Elias, Lisa 2ND AD
Elliott, Stephen B. Jr. 1ST AD
Ellis, Michael 1ST AD
Emanuel, Derek 2ND AD
Emem, Ukeme 2ND AD
Engel, John UPM
Epstein, Peter 1ST AD
Epstein, Paul 1ST AD
Epstien, Vadim 2ND AD
Eriksen, Dan 1ST AD
Escott, Adam 1ST AD
Espinosa, Michael 2ND AD
Esposito, Carolyn 2ND AD
Etges, Michele 2ND AD

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