New York List

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Name Rank
Clark-Bardach, Bridget 2ND AD
Cobble, Laurel 2ND AD
Cobian, Jacob 2ND AD
Cohen, Gary 2ND AD
Cohen, Milt 1ST AD
Cohen, Paula 2ND AD
Cohen, Richard M. 1ST AD
Cohen, Robert L. 1ST AD
Cohen, Steven 1ST AD
Cohen, Walter 2ND AD
Cohn, Sanford 1ST AD
Colangelo, Gloria 1ST AD
Cole, Kris UPM
Colesberry, Robert 1ST AD
Coll, Robert 2ND AD
Collins, David 2ND AD
Collins, Nicholas 2ND AD
Collyns, Eddy 2ND AD
Colton, Nikola 2ND AD
Columbus, Ben 2ND AD
Colwell, Stephen 1ST AD
Comitini, Mariela 1ST AD
Comito, Frank 2ND AD
Connolly, Joann 2ND AD
Connor, William 1ST AD
Conway, Alex 2ND AD
Cook, Andrew 2ND AD
Cook, Brian W. 1ST AD
Cook, Angel 2ND AD
Cooke, Justin 2ND AD
Cooke, Tim 2ND AD
Cooney, Sharon 1ST AD
Cooper, H.H. 1ST AD
Cooper, Russell J. 2ND AD
Coppola, Don 2ND AD
Cordero, Sussan 2ND AD
Corless, John 1ST AD
Cormier, Stacey 2ND AD
Corn, Ayesha 2ND AD
Corso, Richard 2ND AD
Corwin, Carla Renee 2ND AD
Cospelich, Catherine 2ND AD
Coss, Daniel 2ND AD
Cossio, Peter 2ND AD
Couri, George Jr. 1ST AD
Cox, David 1ST AD
Craven, Michael 2ND AD
Craven, Peggy 2ND AD
Crawford, Luke 2ND AD
Cripe, Jamaine 2ND AD
Crocitto, Edwin 2ND AD
Cromwell, Naomi 2ND AD
Cronyn, Chris 1ST AD
Crouser, Greg 2ND AD
Crupi, Michael 2ND AD
Cruz, Rene 2ND AD
Cuesta, Gerald 2ND AD
Curren, William 1ST AD
Curtice, Patricia 1ST AD
Cusick, Michele 2ND AD
Cutrone, Angela 2ND AD
D'Alessandro, Barbara UPM
D'Amario, Eric 2ND AD
D'Antonio, Dominic UPM
D'Esposito, Anthony 1ST AD
D'Esposito, Louis 1ST AD
d'Ottillie, Brian 1ST AD
Dale, Stephen 2ND AD
Dallago, Rick 2ND AD
Dalsin, Jean 2ND AD
Daly, Ed 2ND AD
Daly, Neil 1ST AD
Daly, Neil UPM
Dannacher, Lynn UPM
Danzig, Martin UPM
Danziger, Patricia 1ST AD
Davidson, Andrew 2ND AD
Davie, Betty J. 2ND AD
Davis, Don 2ND AD
Davis, James 2ND AD
Davis, Larry UPM
Davis, Melvin 1ST AD
Davis, Steve 1ST AD
Davis, Rustin 2ND AD
De Fina, Barbara 2ND AD
De La Vi, Angel 2ND AD
Dean, Alicia 2ND AD
DeAngelis, Chris 2ND AD
Dearborn, Michael 2ND AD
Debrino, Robert 2ND AD
DeCamp, Jonathan 2ND AD
DeCasper, Michael 2ND AD
Decker, Alexandra C. 2ND AD
DeClerque, David S. 2ND AD
DeGiulio, Gianna 2ND AD
Deigl, Jennifer 2ND AD
Deitchman, Daniel 1ST AD
Deitchman, Jesse 2ND AD
Del Guidice, Sal 1ST AD
Del Hierro, Ramses 2ND AD

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