New York List

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Name Rank
Waldman, Harvey 1ST AD
Waldman, Luca 2ND AD
Walker, Michael 1ST AD
Walker, John UPM
Walker, Christina 2ND AD
Wallace, Henderson 1ST AD
Walsh, Brendan 2ND AD
Walsh, Kathleen 2ND AD
Walton, Mary D. 2ND AD
Ward, Sherman 1ST AD
Warfield, Aurora 2ND AD
Warner, Robert UPM
Warren, Robert 1ST AD
Warren, Jonathan 2ND AD
Watkins, Jake 2ND AD
Watrous, Nancy 2ND AD
Weaver, John 2ND AD
Weber, Jeffrey 2ND AD
Weber Sones, Pat 2ND AD
Webster, Doug 1ST AD
Webster, Sonja 1ST AD
Wechsler, David 1ST AD
Weigand-Suminski, Nicholas 2ND AD
Weil, Al UPM
Weiner, Gary 2ND AD
Weiner, Hyman 1ST AD
Weiner, Matthew 2ND AD
Weinman, Richard UPM
Weisgerber, Mary Grace UPM
Weisinger, Adam 2ND AD
Wells, Ed 2ND AD
Wells, Jane 2ND AD
Wells, James Tucker 2ND AD
Wells, Derrick Bentley 2ND AD
Wenrich, Bart 2ND AD
Wertimer, Stephen 1ST AD
Werwa, Shelby 1ST AD
Wheeler, Laura 2ND AD
Wheeler, Chandler 2ND AD
Wheeler Poole, Roni 1ST AD
Whelan, Tom 2ND AD
White, Greg 2ND AD
White, John 2ND AD
Whitehouse, Andrew 2ND AD
Wiencko, Stan 1ST AD
Wier, Jordan 2ND AD
Wiggins, James 2ND AD
Wilkins, Bob 1ST AD
Williams, Brian UPM
Williams, Jacob 2ND AD
Williams, Lloyd 2ND AD
Williams, Michael 2ND AD
Williams, Tim 2ND AD
Williams, Colin 2ND AD
Williams, Joshua 2ND AD
Williams, Thaddeus "self" 2ND AD
Williamson, Eric 2ND AD
Willis, Cornell 2ND AD
Willis, Cordell 2ND AD
Willis, Megan 2ND AD
Wilson, David 1ST AD
Wilson, Jomo 2ND AD
Wilson, Linda 2ND AD
Wilson, John Scott 1ST AD
Wilson, Derek 2ND AD
Wilson, Kyler 2ND AD
Wilton, Jacqueline 2ND AD
Wimble, Derek 2ND AD
Wimpie, Robert 2ND AD
Winogradoff, Joseph 1ST AD
Winter, Mark 2ND AD
Winter-Young, Robin UPM
Winter-Young, Robin 1ST AD
Winterbotham, Jennifer 2ND AD
Winters, Franchesca 2ND AD
Wolf, Richard 1ST AD
Wolfert, Nicholas 1ST AD
Wolpert, Deborah 2ND AD
Wood, Drew 2ND AD
Woods, George UPM
Wool, Sam 1ST AD
Woolf, Ian 1ST AD
Wright, Nelson 2ND AD
Wright, Chris Jr. 2ND AD
Wu, Jonathan 2ND AD
Wyatt-Brown III, Hunter 2ND AD
Xavier, Mario 2ND AD
Yang, Jeffrey 2ND AD
Yanson, Dillon 2ND AD
Yavne, Evan 2ND AD
Yellin, Eric 1ST AD
Ynocencio, Todd 1ST AD
Yoniack, Krysten 2ND AD
Young, Ryan 2ND AD
Yucer, Atilla 1ST AD
Yuh, Oung-Jo 2ND AD
Yuse, Anthony 2ND AD
Zackson, Carla 2ND AD
Zalben, Charles 1ST AD
Zemon, Joshua 2ND AD

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