New York List

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Name Rank
Simon, Frank 1ST AD
Simon, Lisa 2ND AD
Singletary, Michael 2ND AD
Sirianni, Matthew 2ND AD
Siss, Eric 2ND AD
Sizemore, Janice UPM
Sklar, Loren 2ND AD
Sklare, Mitchell 1ST AD
Skotchdopole, Walter UPM
Slater, Mark 1ST AD
Slater, Amanda 1ST AD
Sleppin, Stuart 1ST AD
Sloan, Nina S. 1ST AD
Sloan, Nina UPM
Sloan, Ayanna 2ND AD
Small, Marlon 2ND AD
Smith, Lucille UPM
Smith, Michael UPM
Smith, Ryan 2ND AD
Smith, Matthew JD 2ND AD
Smith, Tyler 2ND AD
Smith, Coalin 2ND AD
Sobezynski, Yann 1ST AD
Sokol, Randy 2ND AD
Sokoloff, Jason UPM
Soldo, Peter 1ST AD
Solitor, Michelle 2ND AD
Sorrentino, Lora 2ND AD
Spears, Robin 2ND AD
Spector, Richard 2ND AD
Sperling, Margie 1ST AD
Spiegelman, Annie 2ND AD
Spiro, Stanley 2ND AD
Spodak, David 1ST AD
Squillante, Tarin 2ND AD
Squires, Emily 2ND AD
St. Hilaire, Stephanie 2ND AD
Stacey, Jeffrey 1ST AD
Stacker, Phillip T. 2ND AD
Stadler, Deanna 1ST AD
Staiger, Christopher 2ND AD
Staley, Greg 2ND AD
Stapleton, Ken 1ST AD
Starch, Jonathan 1ST AD
Starke, David UPM
Starke, John UPM
Starr, Joan 2ND AD
Steckler, Arthur UPM
Steele, Alexandra 2ND AD
Steele, Michael 1ST AD
Stefanelli, Mario UPM
Stehman, Noelle 2ND AD
Stein, Lisa 2ND AD
Steinmetz, John 2ND AD
Stenta, Richard UPM
Stenzel, Heris 1ST AD
Stern, Tina UPM
Stettin, Deborah 1ST AD
Stevens, Judith UPM
Stevens, Marcia 2ND AD
Stevenson, Desiree 2ND AD
Stewart, Glen 2ND AD
Stewart-Heckman, Regina 2ND AD
Stickler, David 2ND AD
Stitt, Bill 2ND AD
Stolow, Jeffrey 1ST AD
Stone, Jeffrey 1ST AD
Stone, Kerry 1ST AD
Stone, Aaron 2ND AD
Storey, David 2ND AD
Stratton, Susan 1ST AD
Strickland, Rebecca 1ST AD
Stricks, Michael UPM
Striem, Robert 2ND AD
Strol, Daniel 2ND AD
Sturgeon, Max 2ND AD
Sturges, Carl 1ST AD
Styles, Bernard UPM
Suerstedt-Rehmet, Candace 1ST AD
Suib, Dale 2ND AD
Sullivan, Brian 2ND AD
Summers, Edward 2ND AD
Sumra, Jermaine 1ST AD
Sunshine, Leslie 1ST AD
Surgent, Christopher 1ST AD
Sussan, David 1ST AD
Sutera, Salvatore 2ND AD
Sutherland, C. Duncan 1ST AD
Swartout, Chris 1ST AD
Sweeny, Cynthia 2ND AD
Swidzinski, Jared 2ND AD
Szigeti, Julia 1ST AD
Tabeau, Alicia 2ND AD
Tadross, Michael 1ST AD
Tadross Jr., Michael 2ND AD
Tain, Dave 2ND AD
Tan, Annie 2ND AD
Tannenbaum, Neri 1ST AD
Taylor, Amanda 2ND AD
Taylor, James 2ND AD

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