New York List

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Name Rank
Rasenberger, Jean 2ND AD
Ratner, Robert 2ND AD
Rauch, Ellen 2ND AD
Rauch, Michael UPM
Ravis, Barbara 1ST AD
Ravon, Jean-Michel 2ND AD
Ray, Joseph 1ST AD
Ray, Tony UPM
Razzano, Thomas UPM
Real, Nicole 2ND AD
Rearick, Walter 1ST AD
Redder, Andrea 2ND AD
Reedy, Matt 2ND AD
Regina, Michelle 2ND AD
Rehwaldt, Travis 2ND AD
Reichman, Michael 2ND AD
Reid, Grant 2ND AD
Reidy, Joseph 1ST AD
Reiersen, Michael 2ND AD
Reilly, Tom 1ST AD
Reisch, Lance 2ND AD
Repplier, Peter 1ST AD
Repplier, Peter UPM
Resch-Anger, Lance 2ND AD
Resnick, Demian 2ND AD
Reuter, Ron UPM
Rhodes, Mark 2ND AD
Rich, Alan UPM
Rich, Gerald UPM
Richman, Jeff 2ND AD
Riddell, Emily 1ST AD
Ridge, Jason 2ND AD
Rigby, Danielle 2ND AD
Riggins, Rose 2ND AD
Riggio, John 2ND AD
Riley, Kevin 1ST AD
Rings, Christine 2ND AD
Rios II, Ruben F 2ND AD
Ripka, William 2ND AD
Ritson, Justin 2ND AD
Ritson, Drew 2ND AD
Rivers, Travis 2ND AD
Rizer, Laura 2ND AD
Roberston, John 1ST AD
Roberts, Jennifer 2ND AD
Roberts, Aton 2ND AD
Roberts, Braheeim 2ND AD
Roberts, Bruce 2ND AD
Robin, Dana 2ND AD
Robinson, Peggy 2ND AD
Robinson, Brad 2ND AD
Robinson, Valerie 2ND AD
Rock, Ilona UPM
Rodriguez, Reynaldo 2ND AD
Rody, Jason 2ND AD
Rogers, Aida 2ND AD
Rogers, Rebecca 2ND AD
Rogers, Peyton 2ND AD
Rohs, Pamela 2ND AD
Roman, John 1ST AD
Romanelli, Mark 2ND AD
Romanski, Mark 1ST AD
Romero, Aldo 2ND AD
Romeyn, Vail 2ND AD
Ros, Juan 2ND AD
Rosal, Melissa 2ND AD
Rose, Richard UPM
Rose, Steve 2ND AD
Rosen, Paul 2ND AD
Rosen, Randi 2ND AD
Rosen, Raymond 1ST AD
Rosenthal, Michael 2ND AD
Ross, Tom 2ND AD
Roth, Enid 2ND AD
Roth, Jennifer UPM
Rothbard, Robert 2ND AD
Rothfeld, Stephen 1ST AD
Rothlein, Alana 1ST AD
Rothstein, Greg 2ND AD
Routt, Greg 2ND AD
Rowan, Shea 2ND AD
Royals, Demetria 1ST AD
Rozell, Cathy 2ND AD
Rubenstein, Jason 2ND AD
Rudnick, Kenneth 1ST AD
Rueda, Jason 2ND AD
Runfolo, Peter UPM
Ruopp, Kathryn 2ND AD
Rusk, John 1ST AD
Russo, Mary Jane 1ST AD
Ryan, Chris 2ND AD
Ryan, Chelsea 2ND AD
Ryder, Charles 2ND AD
Sabin, Aric 2ND AD
Sachs, Walter 1ST AD
Sacko, Keegan 2ND AD
Sadler, Alan 1ST AD
Saffir, John 2ND AD
Saionz, Rebecca 1ST AD
Salazar, Alexander 2ND AD

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