IMPORTANT NOTICE: The CQL requires that all applicants call the office at 212-397-0930 to discuss their application prior to submission.

Setting Up Your Application

Please present the paperwork from your various jobs (call sheets, production reports, pay stubs, payroll materials, crew lists, etc.) in three-ring binders (any size) with your jobs in chronological order. For each job, place all your call sheets and/ or production reports first, then all your pay information. Separate each job with a tabbed divider sheet or a colored sheet of paper. Highlight your name on all call sheets and production reports.

  • You do not need to shrink legal-sized documents to letter-sized.   Just fold the bottom of the page to fit the binder.
  • At minimum, we expect an official call sheet and/ or production report along with a pay stub or official payroll documents (i.e. not invoices, time cards, or income tax forms) for every day of claimed work.   If you are missing one or more of these materials for any given day, it may not count toward the placement requirements.

To qualify, your work must reflect direct production experience that is specific to the duties of an Assistant Director.

Completing the Required Forms

Fill-out, sign, and insert the general information page (asking for your address, phone, placement category, etc.) at the front of your first binder.

Fill-out the information sheet specific to each production page for every job.   This page should precede the job, just behind the tabbed divider sheet or colored sheet of paper.

List all the jobs in your binders on the table page.   As you can only fit seven jobs on this form, you may need numerous copies.   Please insert the table page(s) at the front of your first binder, behind the general information page.   Please note: The "employer" is the production company, not the payroll company.

Having Materials Returned

Once we have finished reviewing your application, we will ship your application materials back at no charge.

Download Commercial Qualification List Application (PDF)

Download Commercial Qualification List Application (Word doc)