Applications are reviewed in the order that they are received by the office. Should your application not show evidence of fulfillment of the requirements, you will be contacted by phone to discuss what is lacking. There are various problems that may exist. Documentation may be incomplete, type of work or production may be inappropriate, etc. An application may remain "pending" for further documentation for a period of time.

If an application is deemed acceptable, the DGA will be notified. The DGA, contractually, will then have thirty days to make its own review of the application. If there is no objection, your name will be placed on the qualification list. You are then eligible to be hired as described in the preference of employment section of the commercial contract.

Please note: Placement on the CQL does not mean you are now a member of the Guild. For information regarding joining the DGA, please contact that office directly.

In total expect the process to take about 6 weeks.